Monday, 14 November, 1864

A very seasonable pretty morning. Killed a fine young beef weighing 75 and 80 lbs. to the quarter. Sent a piece to Mr. Warters, a piece to Mrs. Larkin Garrett and to Mrs. Lipscomb, and a piece to Ju.1 – – Entered my cloth through a harness. – – Bill and I cut out the beef this evening. – – Bake took a ride on Shakespeare to look for grapes. – – Took Tom and Martha with her. Rose went too. Poor little Nan is confined with toothache and suffering more than any little thing I ever saw. – – Patsy attended to the fifth quarter of beef.2 Martha bakes loaf bread in the chamber and we took supper up there on the same little table we commenced housekeeping with.

  1. We have no way of knowing whether the Warters with the beef is the miller (Fleming) or the member of the Home Guard (William S.)   (back)
  2. Fifth quarter? Perhaps some reader can explain this to me.  (back)