Friday, 18 November, 1864

The weather still fine. The children went to school today, the 1st day Nan has been since her tooth commenced to ache some 8 or 10 days ago. – – Finished doubling the black and white yarn for the boy’s clothes. – – I laid down before sunset yesterday evening, feeling quite much indisposed. None of us took supper, but about 1 o’clk. I enjoyed a cup of coffee having a right bad headache. – – After reading, retired for the rest of the night and slept very well. I feel much better this morning. Bill came after breakfast, left his Guard with 16 prisoners at the fork road, till he came by and had a snack prepared to carry to Richmond and took breakfast. Gave some directions at the barn. Had a wild duck broiled, beef, bacon, &c. He started about 10. His Uncle Billy was with the Guard and some ½ doz. others in charge. – – Bake walked to meet Mary and Annie Edwards this evening. They made arrangements when Rose and her were here together to visit each other alternately every Friday evening and spend a night or two. They have kept their promise so far. – – Nan and Rose brought papers and a letter from Zac this evening. I was delighted to see it and find that he had joined his Company, 9th F Cavalry Co. “Chambliss Brigade.” – – Came on to rain this evening so that the cal. and some others were prevented coming. – – Received a note from Ju by Nan requesting me to send him a dining room servant tonight as he intends having some company and lacks one. I sent Bettie. Bake has certainly tired herself tonight in acting the part of a nice young man, more completely deceived Mary King, and at last drew up her chair near her and frightened her almost out of her wits. – – They have certainly had their own fun tonight.