Sunday, 20 November, 1864

Another close, rainy day. Too much so to attend church. Will left after breakfast. Gave him a bottle of wine and sent a dozen ginger cakes to the children. Bill has spent the best part of the day asleep. All the rest seem to have enjoyed the day very much within doors. The Col. reminded us of its being the anniversary of a pleasant time he spent here in 65.1As 1865 had not arrived, Caroline must have meant a different year. The “6” is very clear, and the “5”, well it looks like a 5 more than any other number. However I have found other examples by her hand of an obvious 3 looking like this number. Let’s call it 63. – – He left after writing a piece in Bake’s album about 4 or 5 o’clk. We all retired earlier tonight having been up quite late previous nights. Two soldiers from Richmond on their way to Stevensville crossed here.2Once a busy rural crossroad community, Stevensville is located on highway 14 (The Trail) in King & Queen County, 4.6 air miles from Woodbury. Frederick carried them across the river.