Thursday, 8 December, 1864

The weather still fine. – – Nan rode to the school house for a pair of gloves Rose left there. Kept on to Mrs. Bill Lipscomb’s for sewing patterns for Bake. – – Hardie went out to kill some of the old hams that root in my garden, or rather resort to it.1 After an early dinner, he and Bake rode on horseback to Dr. Lewis to see Pigeo. Carried her some presents Hardie brought her from Europe. They returned after ten. Said Miss Annie and the girls would come with her home tomorrow, and that Mrs. L. and the Doctor would dine with me on Saturday.2 – – And as we intend killing the rest of our hogs, ten in number, I would greatly have preferred their coming next Friday. Made preparations for killing hogs tonight, but the wind blew so hard the servants could not proceed, till about day. – – Garland’s pointers missing too.

  1. I have never heard of referring to living hogs as “old hams” before.  (back)
  2. Do we now have a first name for our Miss Fletcher? I believe we do.  (back)