Tuesday, 13 December, 1864

A very pretty day. Parky washed. – – Hardie rode Shakespeare up for the mail and brought a letter from Zac. Requested me to send him a pair of pants. – – I heard from Bill. St. Coalter said he had been exempted, and thought he was at home.1For those of you who have not read his biography, Bill was probably exempted because of a gun accident that occurred when he was younger. Three fingers were cut off on his left hand. Caroline also writes St. George Coalter’s name without the George nor the “a.” Perhaps they called him “Saint.” He returned tonight. Staid in Richmond to have a suit of clothes fitted. Went to Mary’s. Had her pork cut out, &c. – – Bake went to bed this evening really sick with severe nervous headache. Hardie recommended Scotch Whiskey grog. I gave her two doses. It vomited her, but did not relieve her much. I sent Jim to Mr. Powell’s last night to request him to send Uncle Billy Segar in his place to make an oxcart tongue.2From the terms and construction of the sentence it would appear that Uncle Billy Segar was a slave. But I have been unable to find him in the post civil war records. There were, however, white Segar families in the vicinity, though not in King William. Uncle Billy remains at large. He has done so. Jim broke his cart tongue last Friday while it was snowing, making his second load of wood. – – Loaned Mrs. George my harness loom.