Thursday, 15 December, 1864

Quite a pretty day, the weather somewhat moderated. Cornelia Hill and Newland came about eleven.1Newland is likely Newland J. Powell, about 17, who lived nearby with his parents Elijah L. and Amanda [Robins] Powell. The Powells appear frequently in the journal. Bill and Hardie had gone out ducking, were out all day. Got in just as they were starting home. Only killed two ducks. – – Bake is rather more lively today. Hope she will be well enough to attend the “Tableau” at Dr. Lewis’ tomorrow evening. I know they will all be very much disappointed if Nan, herself and Hardie are not there. Made my alpaca skirt today. – – Had a mound of turnips put in the pantry by Addison and Scott. – – Had my last souse boiled today.