Saturday, 17 December, 1864

Quite a pretty morning, except being a little cloudy. Expected the children back to breakfast, but they did not come till about 11 or 12, and as Miss Annie intends breaking up school next Tuesday, Bake concluded to bring Pigeo home. Brought both trunks in the carriage bandbox and all of her things, except a few she will send for. Ju and Mr. C. Garrett came to spend the day. Also Col. McLaughlin and Jimmie Spiller. All seemed to enjoy the day very much, had fine music. – – I settled with Camm for Nan’s tuition, and took in his acct. for Rose’s tuition also. Had find wild ducks for dinner and tomatoes as fresh and nice as if they were just gathered off the vines. – – Ju and Camm left about sunset. The Col. and Jimmie remained all night. – – I was much grieved to hear of the death of poor little Dick, reason being frost bitten.1 – – Parky stitched up a pair of pants for Bartlett today. He was complaining of sore throat yesterday, but was well enough to ride a mule and look for Bev’s horse that broke away last night.

  1. “poor little Dick” sounds like a slave. But we we have no record of a Woodbury slave by that name. Perhaps he lived on either the Spiller or Garrett properties. King William’s Registers of Death are missing between 1863 and 1869.  (back)