Tuesday, 20 December, 1864

I awake before day every morning and write in my journal. Hardie very often gets up and sits with me and chats a while before Bill comes down, which he sometimes does also before going out. I feel as if I am so much blessed, do I deserve such mercies? I know that I do not, but it is the goodness and love of my heavenly Father, O, can I thank him as I ought to do. I feel at times as if the gratitude of my heart knows no bounds. I enjoy the present with thanks of gratitude and love, yet fearing that dark future which may await us. The prospect at present is gloomy in the extreme, and admits of doubt and despondency, but I will hope on trusting in the arm of the Lord is not shortened that he cannot save those who put their trust in him. – – The children all seem so happy and united in the society of each other that I cannot help feeling happy myself. We only desire the two absent ones to be with us if it is the Lord’s will, my poor prisoner Child, and my school boy “warrior.” – – Bill went up for the mail today and brought Bake a note from Livinia Lewis requesting her presence in company with her brothers on Thursday morning 9 o’clk. to take leave of Joe, who is about to be married, I imagine.1 – – Hardie’s arm improves slowly. – – Parky washed today. – – Had a barrel molasses boil over. Wound up with a big molasses stew. The children picked out walnut kernels for it while it was stewing and had a great deal of fun pulling it.

  1. Livinia Claiborne Lewis, about 24, is the daughter of the late Dr. John S. Lewis and wife Octavia [Hill] Lewis. Caroline spells her name both Livinia and Lavinia. Also found in other records is Lavina Lewis. For clarity, as I can find no definitive spelling, we will use Livinia. The Lewises lived at Montrose (Mount Rose) near Jerusalem Church. All are shown in the 1860 KW U.S. Census along with sister Josephine (Joe), a year older. This is not the Dr. John L. Lewis family where Caroline has sent her daughters to school.  (back)