Thursday, 22 December, 1864

A cold, blustering, disagreeable day. Bake was anxious to attend Joe’s marriage and as neither of her brothers could go with her, and she would not go alone, I rode down in the carriage with her. After the ceremony was over and Joe and her consort had left for Gloucester.1Josephine (Joe) Lewis, married Lieut. J. C. Baytops of Gloucester County. Bake, Nan and myself called to see Mrs. Hill. Sat an hour or two, and returned to dinner. – – Bill left for Richmond soon after I started. Fixed up a bundle to send Mary. Sent the dress Hardie brought her and some cinnamon and nutmeg, some things Rose left here and a pair of shoes Hardie bought Luce. – – Gave Bill $60 to get new issue for.2This was a period of rapid inflation of currency. Caroline seems to be trading one form of script for another. – – Gus Hill came this evening to spend the night. – – Cut out another pair of alpaca sleeves for my dress. Gave the pair Bake made to Nan for her cottage waist.3“cottage waist?” They were too short for me. – – Parky ironed today. – – Bettie, Tom and Frank went after persimmons for beer.