Tuesday, December 27, 1864

Quite a dismal looking day. Cleared up a little about 1 o’clk. and Ju and Meg, children and servant came to dinner. Bill and Hardie went by invitation to Mr. Robert Hill’s, and with an invitation to return to Mr. Hill’s in the evening.1 Beverly sent an invitation by Iverson for Bake also. – – She and the children are finishing off the parlors. Ju moved his Pa’s portrait and mine in the back parlor. – – Dellah and Corbin Braxton were married tonight in the dining room. Dr. Ju officiated as parson. Had quite a large company.2 Took supper in the kitchen. Beck came down this morning. Is anxious to know whether I am going to take her home another year. I promised to do so.

  1. This is likely the Robert A. Hill mentioned on 27 September. He was the father of Augustine Browne (Gus) Hill who frequently appears in these pages.  (back)
  2. Here is documentation of the wedding of two slaves, Corbin Braxton and Dellah in 1864. Anyone with knowledge of any of their descendants please contact me. Caroline will hereafter spell his name Corban.  (back)