Monday, 2 January, 1865

The weather intensely cold. Bill made quite an early start to Lieut. Haw’s on business. Rode a mule. – – Hardie left for the C.H. after taking a snack. Sent some money by him for Mr. J. A. Robins for hauling grain, but he didn’t bring his acct. so Hardie brought the money back. – – Sent a letter of four pages foolscap to Zac by Mr. Powell, also a letter a piece from Pigeo and Nan and $100. Mr. P. promised Hardie to take it to Zac on Wednesday. He returned about 4 o’clk. – – Hardie says servants are hiring very high, women from eleven to twelve hundred dollars.1Due to wartime inflation this is about 10 times higher than just a few years earlier.