Tuesday, 3 January, 1865

Quite a dreary looking day. Hardie is under promise to take Hal in the buggy to St. Coalter’s today to a sociable or party of some kind, so he got ready, notwithstanding the threatening morning for snow and started about ½ past 11 in the buggy.1A reminder that St. Coalter was St. George Tucker Coalter, II. the “St.” is an abbreviation for “Saint.” I advised him if the weather came on had not to go. He said he would not. Bill left with him on a mule to meet an enjoyment somewhere. In less than an hour it commenced snowing and snowed till late in the night. – – I’ve been busy putting away the contents of Hardie’s box presented me when he came home, containing various articles in the grocery line, such as sugar, coffee, tea, chocolate, nutmeg, cloves, spice, pepper, ginger, cinnamon, mustard, soda, indigo, copperas, &c, &c. Bake went out and had feeding done while I was asleep on the lounge feeling a little unwell. Bill did not return tonight.