Wednesday, 4 January, 1865

Quite a pretty day. The snow is melting off somewhat. Parlor washed. I’ve been bobbing. Somehow or other I can’t get straight to work. Pigeo and Nan are darning. Bake knitting a pair of gloves for Zac. – – Bill returned to dinner, Hardie to supper. Had a pleasant time. Took back tables to Hill’s. Was particularly invited to a party at the Baptists, but declined going. – – Beck has not returned from Ju’s yet. I suppose his hirelings have not gone home. Bake received a letter from Lila.1 Hardie says Hal and Lieut. Catlett promised to come down tomorrow evening and spend the night. – – Bake and I sat up quite late tonight. She finished Zac’s gloves. She insisted on going down and making a bowl of eggnog, just two glasses. Brought one up for Hardie, who has just retired on the lounge. Repaired two shirts for Hardie, undershirts. – – Frederick made a pair of shoes for Patsy.

  1. This is the only mention of “Lila” in the Journal. Unless we get lucky, she will remain unidentified. However this may well be Lilia, who wrote to Bake on 16 August. I will take a closer look at the Journal next trip to Richmond. UPDATE: Caroline clearly spells the name “Lila.”  (back)