Thursday, 5 January, 1865

A very pretty day overhead. The snow is melting off some. – – Had the pork hung up this morning. – – Bill went on guard duty to meet at Sauesville ten o’clk.1Sauesville remain unidentified. Suggestions from our readers would be appreciated. – – Did not return till after we had retired. In a few minutes, Mr. Thornton came with a prisoner to stay all night. Had been with him to Millers, “Crutchfield Johnson.” 21860 U.S. Census Records show a Crutchfield Johnson, 33, living in Crawford County, Illinois with a wife and 4 children. He is listed a a teamster. But no war record has come to hand. That is as close as I have come to identifying Caroline’s Yankee visitor. Of course that is assuming the prisoner is a Union soldier. The Home Guard would probably have been just as likely having an AWOL Confederate soldier or draft avoider as a prisoner. – – The Lieut. and Hal didn’t come this evening. They’ve received invitations to a social at Mrs. Lewis’ on Joe’s return, or Friday. Perhaps that prevented. – – Did some repairs to Hardie’s overcoat and put buttons on his “gutta-percha” coat today. – – We retired early tonight. Hardie read a few chapters in Acts of Apostles tonight. – – Aunt Becky hasn’t come yet. Don’t know what detains her.