Saturday, 7 January, 1865

A changeable, cold, windy, snowy, rainy, disagreeable day. Notwithstanding, Bake, Pigeo, Bill and Mr. Goulden attended a bridal dinner party given by Dr. Lewis to Miss Hattie Lewis and Capt. Anderson.1I am still no closer in identifying Hattie Lewis, and now, Capt. Anderson. See Comments Below. Hardie’s arm was too painful for him to go, dear child. I feel as if I want every moment of his company while he is at home. – – Frank has been quite sick for several days. Have given him several doses medicine. He is somewhat better. – – Hardie and I sat up till we thought the children ought to return, as it was Saturday night. I retired with some little chagrin not knowing what detained them.2This journal entry covered two days, Saturday and Sunday. As there was no separate entry for Sunday I made one.