Tuesday 10, January, 1865

Commenced raining in the night last night powerfully and has rained incessantly all day, till late this evening. Bake is assisting me about the children’s clothes, making a black body for Nan and a scarlet one for her dress. Pigeo is making an alpaca body for herself and I am about the skirt of a muslin dress I had dyed for her. Dellah is making drawers for Nan. Finished two pair and hemmed the skirt of a linsy dress for Nan. – – Hardie and I looked through his big trunk today for a heart pin to match the pearl bracelets he brought Bake, but couldn’t find it. – – Poor fellow! He is still suffering with his arm, but I hope everything is for the best. – – Bill rode a mule up for the mail. I received a letter from Mary respecting Albert. – – Hung up the rest of our pork.