Wednesday, 11 January, 1865

Quite a pretty day. The engineers who are surveying the County came here today.1These engineers were responsible for what we know today as the 1865 Gilmer map(s) of King William. It is located at the Virginia Historical Society, F232 K5 1865:1. But is easier to see and use through the Library of Congress American Memory website at We should note that while Chief Engineer, General J. F. Gilmer’s name is usually associated with the map, the engineer responsible was 1st Lieut. B. Lewis Blackford. It is his signature on the map. He may have been among the engineers who visited Woodbury on that pretty day. As the date on the map is “Feby. 1st, 1865” they may have been working against a deadline that did not allow for editing and fine tuning. For example, the home of James Hill King, Spring Pleasant, clearly visible from the main road and just 2.5 miles from Woodbury, is missing entirely. Bill and Hardie went ducking, only killed one duck. They returned to dinner and insisted on my taking a horseback ride with them to see the wheat, as I had never seen it from the time it was sowed. Had a delightful time. Returned by and looked at the pen of shoats, 30 in number. Called to see Uncle Oby. – – Hardie read another Chapter in Pisgah Views. He has been reading it several nights to me and is very much pleased with it.2Pisgah Views or The Negative Aspects Heaven by Octavius Winslow, D.D. Winslow (1808-1878) one of the foremost evangelical preachers of his age. He spent most of his career in England, but his career began in New York. Pisgah Views is usually cited as being published in England in 1873, which existing copies testify. But Hardie must have purchased an earlier edition, perhaps in pamphlet form, when he traveled to and from France. Lieut. Haw came to see Bill.