Friday, 13 January, 1865

A lovely day, the most beautiful one we have had this winter. Mr. Walker returned the corn we loaned him last summer, 28 ½ bushels for 25 loaned him and Mr. Davis. – – Hardie went out to try and kill some ducks. Saw a great many, and had a fine chance for a shoot, but his arm would not permit him to shoot. It provoked him very much. Said he was in good mind to throw himself over board. – – Bill has not returned yet. Sent some fish by Tom when he went up for the mail. Bake received a long letter from Zac, and I one from Mary, stating she had hired Albert out for 450$. He would have hired for $1100 or 1200 here I think, as women hired for that New Year’s day and upwards. – – Hardie slept in the back chamber tonight, suffered a good deal with his arm.