Saturday, 14 January, 1865

Another pretty day. Bill and Hardie long walk to look for a hog that has disappeared for several days, but came to the conclusion she was gone for good, as they could not find her. – – Hardie’s arm commenced paining him afresh. He and Bake were going to Mrs. Hill’s by invitation, but was prevented on that account. Poor child! He certainly has suffered enough since he has been at home this time. I bathed his arm in a preparation of vinegar, camphor, blk. and red pepper, mustard &c. It relieved it measurably for a while. Gave him a dose of Sgt. Turpentine at bedtime, but it pained him severely for some time afterwards. He got up and came in the front chamber and sat by the fire. – – Fixed a puzzle with an apple for me.1 – – I made a sleeve of Nan’s linsy dress and did various other jobs. Shall not get settled at work till the children are at school. I’m anxious for them to be there just as soon as Miss Annie comes from Richmond.2 – – Bill came this morning. – – Commenced a letter to Mary this morning.

  1. Would this be a “jig-saw” puzzle? UPDATE: Maybe this is more likely, Thanks Joanne!  (back)
  2. Even though we have been able to piece together that Miss Annie Fletcher lives in Richmond with her mother when not teaching school at Dr. Lewis,’ I still cannot otherwise identify her in other historical records. Unfortunately, this is the last Caroline writes of her.  (back)