Wednesday, 18 January, 1865

Rather a gloomy looking day. Notwithstanding, my little darlings were ready as soon as practicable, and the wagon and four mules in readiness to take to Dr. Lewis’ school. Sent the Dr. $275 by Pigeo, the balance due for the ten months session last year. – – Sent Mrs. Lewis a bag of potatoes, about a bushel. They carried two large trunks well filled with a good supply of clothes, a bandbox packed and their school books, writing desk, work boxes, &c, &c, &c. I trust that the Lord will watch over them and keep them from every evil way and preserve them, ever faithfully discharging all their duties and above all things, strict observance of all his just and holy requirements in all things. – – Hill came about the time they were leaving and spent a pleasant day. Left after sunset. Everything seems so quiet now, I don’t know how I will bear giving up my little pets, but they went off so cheerfully and full of glee. Dear happy children! After all had left about twilight, I walked to the spot where I soon expected to be and poured many tears beside the grave of their dear father. – – I am admonished every day that all things temporal are vanity.