Thursday, 19 January, 1865

Quite a cold, disagreeable day. Hardie and Bill went over the river before breakfast. He left Bill and returned. Bake accompanied Hardie over the river at eleven o’clk. for Bill. He had only killed one duck and some snipes Hardie killed. Bill took breakfast and went out and started the plough to work. The first furrow was ploughed today for a crop of corn. Very unlike the preceding years, when much of the corn ground was taken up in Dec. The boys carried Leo with them and got him right badly burnt when they fired the broom corn where the servants were ploughing. Frederick has been sick for several days. Had a nice pitcher of apple toddy for them when they came in. Bake has been with Hardie most of the day, out several times, backwards and forwards over the river. They enjoy each others society much, now they are about to be separated. – – I altered a new uniform coat for Hardie and made a nice fit with very little trouble. – – Sent Mrs. Lipscomb some eatables by Martha, such as butter, molasses, sausage, potatoes, &c, &c, &c. She sent some dried damsons and apples to me. – – Fixed up some things for Hardie to take with him tomorrow, peach leather, pound cake, ginger cakes and jumbles, stewed molasses, ground peas. Assisted him in dividing his clothes and packing his trunks, i.e. Bake packed them, he and I arranged the clothes. Some five suits in his big trunk, an overcoat, gutterperch overall and storm cape, and things too numerous to mention. Two other suits, one in his small trunk and one on, left me a pair of his shoes for a pair of boots of his Pa’s. I went down and had some jelly and other things brought up, some delightful beer. We all enjoy it so much, the best I ever tasted. It was nearly four o’clk. when we all retired. Hardie enjoys sleeping in my bed so much. He has been sleeping there more than a week. Found the lounge too narrow for his arm. – – Bake sent Tom on Shakespeare for the canary Hal promised her some time ago. It sings sweetly.