Friday, 20 January, 1865

A lovely day. Bill had a beef killed this morning to carry to Richmond. Also had some wheat fanned and carried 15 bushels, besides four quarters beef and Hardie’s two trunks in the wagon, four mules and Bartlett to drive. Sent a basket of eatables for Hardie, a round of beef, two wild ducks, potatoes, sausage and other things. Bill made it late starting, should have started this morning at 4 o’clk., that was my advise to him, but instead he has made it one o’clk. I am sorry on Hardie’s account, having to travel in the night and run the risk of a bad day tomorrow. He and Bill went in the buggy, drove Duroc. – – Sent Tom up for the mail. Sent a basket of sweet potatoes to Stuart. Tom brought a letter from Dr. Lewis stating the terms of his school. Think his charges are enormous, 30 barrels corn and 200 lbs bacon for the two children for the session ten months. – – Bill carried coupons and interest on bonds and certificates to collect. – – Frederick repaired Mary’s buggy harness today, or rather the one I got in return for mine from her. Gave Bill $640 to Houchings as he passes there. Hope he will not forget it.