Saturday, 21 January, 1865

I arose quite early this morning and found it hailing, raining and forming sleet. I am so sorry for Hardie on account of his arm. – – I wrote to Dr. Lewis this morning and sent the letter by Washington, also sent one to Pigeo respecting the terms of her school. He returned before dinner with a letter from the Dr. expressing some regret. – – I spent the day, most of it, reading aloud, some excellent topics. Hope Bake and I will both profit by them. Read some old letters also. – – After that I packed up Hardie’s things he left in my care. I hope he will receive them one of these days just as he left them. Dear child, such a day as he and Bill have had to travel, every drop of rain forms a sleet. – – Bake and I enjoy the quiet very much. We sleep in the front chamber on the two lounges set together. – – Unless the Dr. will accede to my proposition, I expect the children will return home, and she has agreed to teach them if he does not.