Tuesday, 24 January, 1865

There has been a continual cannoning ever since 8 o’clk. last night, continued through the day today and seems to be very near.1This was the Battle of Trent’s Reach on the James River. It was one of the last significant naval battles of the war. The CSS Virginia II was engaged during this battle on the James River, but we do not yet know if Hardie reached his ship in time to participate. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Trent’s_Reach. This has been quite a pretty day. – – Bake and I secured two bags of valuables & articles. – – I warped 42 yards coarse cloth today for Dellah to weave. She washed her Va. Cloth dress today. – – Sent some loaf bread and a jug of beer to Ju’s, when Martha went up for the mail. Bake received a letter from Mrs. Wynn, and Bill one from Tolson respecting his horse that was claimed by another man after paying $1100 to him for it. I think he will make it good and not let him lose it, as he was afraid he would have to do. – – Well, Bill has not returned from Richmond yet. I am uneasy about him now. I fear something serious is detaining him. It is now snowing, ten o’clk. PM.