Thursday, 26 January, 1865

Thursday, 26 January, 1865 – Still very cold. – – Bake went to the barn early this morning and had twelve bushels corn measured and put in 6 bags for Bartlett to carry to mill. Gave him instructions to bring the two bags that he carried there when he went to mill last time. – – Sent letters by Tom to mail this morning, one to Zac from Bake and myself. Mr. Spiller┬ácame to see Bill this morning. – – Sent Bettie with some cotton to Mrs. McGeorge’s to get her to twist for plough lines. She was kind enough to have it done. No tidings from Bill yet and the pig missing from the same mother the dog killed one from yesterday. – – Ju sent me a paper containing some good news. The recapture of Fort Harrison.1Another optimistic but false report. The fort, important for the defense of Richmond, had fallen to Union forces on 29 September. Renamed Fort Burnham, after Brig. Gen. Hiram Burnham who had been killed in that assault, it remained in Union control the remainder of the war. – – General Lee is made Commander in chief of our armies in the field. – – Mr. Slaughter sent me word today he had heard from Liv and he is well. – – Bake and I had a molasses stew tonight. – – It was late when Bartlett returned from mill. My cotton had not been ginned. Jimmie sent me a small quantity, about 4 pounds. He had all the corn ground. – – Commenced warping a piece of flannel, 20 yds. this evening.