Friday, 27 January, 1865

A tolerably good morning. Gave directions to Bartlett to feed his mules and hitch them to the wagon and start immediately for the children to Dr. Lewis’. Wrote to the Dr. requesting him to send me a bill of charges for the time they had been there, which I promised to settle through Dr. Ju next mail day. After Bartlett started, I wrote an answer to Bill’s letter from Mr. Tolson, giving him the particulars respecting his horse. – – Sent Martha for the mail. I sent Stuart a pair of socks and some stewed molasses. The nicest I ever saw. She returned before dinner. No papers or letters. The children returned to dinner with a nice note from the Dr. He makes no charge for the time they have been at his house, regrets very much parting with the children. – – To every inexpressible gratification, Bill arrived before dinner, having been detained by various causes. He started for home on Wednesday. Staid at the Grove last night and camped on the road the night before on account of bad roads.1The Grove (originally Wormley Grove?) was the home of Mary Hawes, widow of Dr. Aylett Hawes who had died 20 years earlier. Previously associated with the Wormley, Page, Pollard and Gaines families, the Grove was located near the Piping Tree, home of Dr. Fendell Gregory and his wife Elizabeth Littlepage, Lewis Littlepage’s 1st cousin. The old Ellett family home was nearby. It was an area very familiar to Caroline and her family. – – Left Hardie in Richmond, eager to participate in a Naval fight about to come off. I am happy he was prevented from doing so.