Saturday, 28 January, 1865

Intensely cold. The river is being frozen across and persons are filling their ice houses. I’ve not quite finished warping my piece of cloth yet, had more warp to wind. Pigeo is finishing a novel she borrowed in order to return it by tomorrow. Nan is busy making frills for her dress. The three girls, Dellah, Martha and Bettie, knitting fine stockings. – – Had mince meat put on the fire and stewed a little and returned to the jar. Some 4 or 5 pigs are missing that we can’t account for. – – Wrote a note by W on a mule to Mrs. Carter respecting my _?_, received an answer after dark when he returned.1A subsequent post suggests this difficult to read word is leather. The “W” may have been Willie Turner who we will meet next week. – – Sent Tom to return a _?_ borrowed by Ju. – – Bill subscribed to the Whig for me while in Richmond, $7.°.2Rates for the Richmond Whig in January, 1865 were $60 per year, six months $30, Three months, $20. Otherwise $7 per month. They would drop dramatically after the war. Thanks Joanne!

Ice on the Mattiponi at Woodbury, photo courtesy of Mrs. Mollie Gregory