Monday, January 30, 1865

A fine, still cold morning, fine weather for getting ice. Bill is busy about it with oxcart, tumbrel and wagon. – – Bake commenced teaching school today. Paid her one hundred dollars for the month of February in advance. Pigeo and Nan insist that I may permit them to sleep downstairs in the weaving room on account of having a fire. We’re put to so much inconvenience on account of the chimney that blew off some two summers ago, and it seems such a hard matter to get it rebuilt. – – I gratified their wishes and accordingly went down and had the room cleaned up nicely (after warping the piece of flannel I commenced last week) and had a low bedstead moved down, stacked wood, light wood, &c, &c. They are much pleased with their new apartment. – – I retired earlier than usual from indisposition, from fatigue during the day. After sufficient repose though, I arose much earlier than usually do. Took a candle and went down to see how they were sleeping. Found them resting quietly and to all appearance pleasantly, Mary in one corner. I did not disturb them, but came out and studied my Bible and “Bible Dictionary” (a book presented me by my dear thoughtful child several years ago and to me invaluable). Then wrote in my journal before it was time to blow the horn. I do enjoy that season so much. It is then and only then that I have my own quiet and undisturbed meditations, being surrounded by so many during the day, I consequently having many little annoyances.