Tuesday, 31 January, 1865

A very beautiful morning and day. Bill went up for the mail. I sent by him $781 to settle with Mr. Robins for hauling grain last year. – – Also gave him $200 to pay cousin W. M. Turner taxes, not knowing the exact amount.1 – – He returned, settled with Mr. Robins, Mr. J_?_ was not there.2 No paper, I suppose my subscription has not been received for the Whig. Pigeo received a letter from Mary Robinson Piedmont and a note from Nannie Lewis.3 – – I received one from Hardie. He has been ordered to the James River Squadron, 1st Lieut. on the “Flag Ship Virginia” iron clad.4

  1. Cousin W. M. Turner, about 52, is the father of Logan Turner and Alice [Turner] Hill, who we have met, and other children we will meet soon. How William Turner is a cousin or why Caroline would be paying taxes to (or for) him remains a mystery. He may have been serving as Commissioner of Revenue or Sheriff. More research indicated.  (back)
  2. The ink on this portion of the Journal is splotched. I have not yet made out who Mr. “J”_?_ is. Maybe it will be apparent to you. Click here.  (back)
  3. Pigeo received a letter from a Mary Robinson just before Christmas. A Mary Robinson Piedmont remains unidentified. Unless Mary Robinson has had time to marry a Mr. Piedmont the reference to Piedmont may be to Piedmont Female Seminary. See the footnote for 9 January, 1865. Mary Robinson may be a student there.  (back)
  4. The timing of this note would suggest Hardie did not have time to settle in on the Virginia II in time for the battle last week. Indeed, in his available post-war writings he mentions the event only in passing and never cites any personal experience.  (back)