Thursday, 2 February, 1865

A lovely morning, and as soon as I thought Bake could ride down from the Grove, I commenced looking for her and Bill, and continued to look until I could no longer discern an object. The children, as she instructed them, prepared their lessons to recite in the afternoon, instead of morning, as she did not expect to return in time. Went up to spend a night with Alice and take leave of her before going to Richmond. – – Bill came after dark, leading Shakespeare. I never was more surprised and couldn’t believe but she remained in the passage just to have a little fun with the children. It really mortifies me to see that she has so little stability and firmness, or in other words “Moral Courage” so necessary in my estimation to form “decision of character,” which no lady or gentleman (though possessing all the characteristics of one) is an entire one without. – – She has undertaken to teach the children by the month pd. in advance, with a grant to visit or receive company from Friday to Monday. – – Bill says she will be back on Saturday. This is a deviation I think and the forfeiture on the part of one makes it no longer binding on the other. – – She may come on Saturday, but I shall not expect her. However, I will try and make the best of it and write to the superintendent at “Hollins Institute,” and if I can get Pigeo in there to remain till her education is finished and in the mean time do the best I can with Nan. Be patient and trust in the Lord is my motto, and as much as possible preserve a cheerful air under all circumstances, though there are many things to wound my feelings. But I endeavor to put the best construction and pass them by as though they had not been, help that which can be helped, and that over which I have no control patiently submit to.