Monday, 6 February, 1865

Another pretty day. Have looked for Bake all day, and at dark she, with Willie and George Turner, arrived on horseback, having enjoyed herself very much visiting and receiving calls.1 Met with Bettie Rosser and her mother at the Piping Tree.2 The General and some other members of the family were there also. – – Cut out a pair of pants a piece for Hardie and Bill of Va. Cloth, my own manufacture. – – Parky washed today. – – Sent Ju a dollar to have some letters mailed by Washington yesterday evening, one to Hardie, one to Zac and one to the Superintendent at Hollins Institute to engage a situation for Pigeo there.

  1. Willie (William) and his younger brother George are sons of W. M. Turner who we met last week. They are siblings of Logan and Alice [Turner] Hill.  (back)
  2. Mrs. Elizabeth (Bettie) Barbara [Winston] Rosser is the daughter of Col. William Overton Winston, Sr. of Hanover and Sarah Ann Gregory, daughter of Dr. Fendell Gregory and his wife Elizabeth Southerland Littlepage of Piping Tree. Elizabeth is Lewis Littlepages first cousin; we met both last November. Bettie’s husband is General Thomas Lafayette Rosser. To his West Point roommate, George A. Custer, Tom Rosser was “Tex” even though he had been born and spent his childhood near Appomattox, Virginia. To Rosser and his classmates, Custer was “Fanny.” Both Rosser and Custer had distinguished war records. Although they had sometimes faced each other on the battlefield, they remained friends after the war. Custer remained in the military, dying in 1876 under memorable circumstances. Rosser became a successful railroad construction engineer. He died in Charlottesville in 1910.  (back)