Wednesday, 15 February, 1865

I awoke this morning at five instead of 1 o’clk. Called Bill and found it raining and forming a sleet as it fell. – – Mr. Slade left about ten and Bill had the wagons loaded and off about 12 o’clk., 140 bushels corn and 5 bushels oats for Mary, and 20 of our bags. Bill rode George and will overtake them at the Piping Tree, though it’s raining quite fast. Bake and I wrote to Mary. – – Sent for a set of candle moulds and a jet belt buckle for Pigeo.1Jet, a hard black semiprecious variety of lignite, capable of being carved and highly polished. Also a glossy black color. Gave Bill $450 to return to Ju for what he borrowed yesterday to pay Cousin W. M. Turner taxes, also $100 more on the Mr. Houchings’ acct., as he failed again to see him and settle it, and had to send some of the money to Richmond. – – Bill put a wrong construction on a remark I made and allowed his feelings to be very much hurt.