Friday, 17 February, 1865

This has been an inclement day, ever since ten o’clk. Bake and Nan, with Martha to walk with them, started to Hardin’s at nine o’clk. Sent for a bottle of brandy by Martha for No. 6.1 – – She returned by the C.H. and brought me a letter from Liv dated 10 Feb. I was so much delighted to see it, the first one I’ve received since Oct. He is enjoying good health, and I hope to see him soon, as the prisoners are being exchanged now rapidly, 3000 arrived in Richmond. – – Had a piece of warp beamed for flannel and a dress for myself, prepared Dellah to weave. – – Nan wrote to Zac by Logan and sent him a needle case. He left before dinner and Pigeo and I are left alone. She finished off her soldier’s socks, and I employed most of the day reading. Dellah stitched up a pair of pants for Zac, and then went down and assisted in beaming my cloth. 2

  1. The Number 6 remedy in Thomsonian medicine was a tincture of myrrh and cayenne. Caroline seems to be short some #6 and is trading brandy for some with her brother-in-law.  (back)
  2. If any of our readers are weavers perhaps they will share an explanation of what is happening on the loom.  (back)