Sunday, 19 February, 1865

A tolerably good day overhead, but shockingly bad underfoot. We all, except Bill, ventured to start to Church in the carriage and found great difficulty in getting there. The horses refused to pull out of the mud and Mr. B. Edwards offered Bake his horse, and we met a soldier, Mr. Willie Catlett, who assisted Pigeo on his horse and a number of the Point Lookout Prisoners were on theirs, and assisted us in getting the horses to the carriage, so we arrived at Church in good time.1Mr. B. Edwards must be “Uncle” Isaac Butler Edwards, he of the brandy, footnoted 26 December. William (Willie) Catlett was the younger brother of Lieut. Bradley Catlett who we have met. Willie would have been about 22. Cousin Lem was very good, as usual. We generally have very good attendances, notwithstanding bad roads and weather. – – Oby brought a letter from Evelyn, and bacon I loaned her last summer. 2This is the Evelyn McLelland we identified 9 January and the bacon mentioned 15 August, 1864.