Monday, 20 February, 1865

A beautiful day overhead. I attempted again today to get the piece of flannel ready to weave, was prevented last Saturday by Co. and other things and have not quite succeeded today. Co. has again prevented. Miss Lewis, Miss Winston and Phil came on horseback and before they left, 5 soldiers came to get accommodations for the night.1We met Phil Lewis and his sister Ann Barbara (Nannie) last July. Miss Winston visited Woodbury on 9 December, but I failed to note her. As Phil and Nannie’s mother was Barbara Joanna [Winston] Lewis, this Miss Winston could be a niece attending Dr. Lewis’ school. Or it might have been Nannie D. Winston, daughter of O. M. Winston who lived upcounty about 10 miles. He would later serve as King William’s Clerk of Court and purchase White Bank from Samuel Norment. If it was young Nannie Winston, about 14, it was both. O.M. Winston and Barbara Joanna Winston were siblings from “Blenheim” in Hanover County. Sanders is a hard looking customer, Talliaferno Talliaferro a nice gentleman, Lieut. Sprigs also.2Caroline did not provide enough information about the soldiers for me to identify them. I thought a Lieutenant would be easy, but no. It is possible they were recently released prisoners of war traveling together back home after being released in Richmond. That might suggest they are from one of the “Bay” counties or the Northern Neck. Any readers who would like to do some more research are welcome to do so.– – The girls left about twilight and Phil offered to come and bring a horse with him tomorrow if I would let Pigeo return with him. I partially consented to do so. – – Made remunerations for her services amounting to $80 or $90, she did not ask as much, but I thought proper to give it to her. Let Frank return with her to help carry her things. – – We have been ploughing for the last 4 or 5 days, but the ground is rather wet. Farmers are all behind and if we wait for good weather, I fear the Yankees will be in upon us again. We are losing some strongholds of late. Charleston has fallen, and other important places also. The future is dark, to my view, as regards peace and security. – – Well, Liv has not made his appearance yet. I was nearly running to meet a dismounted cavalry man this evening, taking him for Liv. I am sometimes sad, hope deferred makes the heart sick. I am so much afraid something may prevent his escape from the hands of the enemy. – – Dellah is suffering a good deal with pain in her knee. Sent a letter by Tom to Camm’s for Oby to carry his mistress, informing him that she could have the corn @$200 as she prefers buying to returning the barrel of corn loaned her last summer. 3Where is Oby living? At Woodbury? With the Camm Garretts? His wife lives at the King’s Sandy Hill. Does he spend time there?