Tuesday, 21 February, 1865

A lovely day. I am again prevented from my weaving operations by com. Hal and Livinia Lewis came about 12 and informed me Mrs. Lewis and Miss Jennie Hill and Lieut. Collett Catlett were on their way down to spend the day.1Miss Jennie Hill is likely Virginia H. Hill, about 30, daughter of the late Robert Hill and wife Harriet Herbert [Claiborne] Hill. Mrs. Lewis is likely Octavia Claiborne [Hill] Lewis, widow of Dr. John S. Lewis. Livinia Lewis is Octavia’s daughter. We met her 20 December last year. Bill had gone up for the mail. Returned just as dinner was ready, but had to deliver our tythe of bacon to the Government, as this was the last day they would be at the C.H. to receive it.2Tythe is certainly an alternate spelling of tithe. Sent up 128 lbs. by Bartlett in the tumbrel. – – Phil Lewis came agreeably to promise for Pigeo to spend the day at Auburn. She accompanied him on Shakespeare and returned with her to supper and left at eleven. The girls made Bake promise to visit them on Friday. The Lieut. will be down to accompany her up. – – Received by mail a letter and circular from the superintendent of Hollins Institute. Pigeo will not be able to enter till the next session (August), at which time I wish Nan to enter with her to remain till they complete their education, if I live. If not, I wish to appropriate that amount of money exclusively. I hope the Yankees will not frustrate my plan. Bake received an interesting letter from Zac. – – First “Whig” came today.