Thursday, 23 February, 1865

Found it raining this morning a little. I walked to the barn and had feeding done, and went and saw Parky milk. Found a little lamb lying down, and brought it to the house. Mr. Hillyard sent for sixty bushels oats @ $35 pr. bushel. – – It rained very hard tonight. Bill went at bedtime and brought the lamb in again. I kept it in my chamber all night. The dearest little thing I ever saw. There is something in a lamb that engages all the tender feelings of my heart, something that speaks to my very soul, emblem of purity and innocence, fit emblem of a savior’s love. – – Wove about a yard on my dress today, very uncommon. I think it will be quite pretty, though I had no idea of its being so. Find I shall not have enough filling. Am having more prepared and dyed for it. – – Bake had a molasses stew tonight.