Sunday, 26 February, 1865

Rather an inclement morning, too much so to attend Church in an open wagon, and the roads are too shocking to go in the carriage. The servants informed us this morning that Bake and the Lieut. found great difficulty in getting through the mud Friday evening. Had to get some assistance to get their horse and buggy out of the mud. So, I was afraid to send the basket of bread and wine by Bartlett. He returned with it just as dinner was ready. Bill returned from the C. H. after breakfast and went upstairs and slept till dinner. He and I took a walk to the ice house and to see the ploughing, after Pigeo and Nan started to ride. They, with Martha, went to call on Mrs. Garrett. After they returned, Bill had George fed and attended a night meeting by Dr. Phil at Canton, and returned at 12. He had four additions to the Church.1Dr. Phil is Phillip P. DuVal, M.D., son of Dr. John DuVal of King & Queen County. A Campbellite, “old” Dr. DuVal was one of the founders of Jerusalem Church in the early 1840s where the Littlepages once attended. Young Dr. DuVal followed in his father’s footsteps. Where this church was at Canton is a mystery. It seems unlikely they were using nearby Colossee. – – Heard that the Yankees have recently visited W. Point and took every white man except one. Stayed a night there and burned some granaries on the King and Queen side. O, is it possible that we are again to be harassed by the terrible foe. My heart sickens at the thought.