Monday, 27 February, 1865

The weather has much moderated, and I hope the roads will be better after a while. I suppose Bake will return as soon as the roads will permit. Gave Bill a 4 pct. bond of a 1000$ and $300 in treasury notes when he left the C.H. to pay taxes and other things. Pd. William Spiller $75 for 1000 bricks. He brought back $25 at night. – – Quite a disgraceful affair between two of our citizens today. – – Just as I was getting ready to weave on my dress, Bake with Hal Brumly and Jack White to accompany them came to spend the day.1 They left before sunset. – – Mrs. Lipscomb came today for something to eat. I supplied her wants. The hands are still shucking corn. Bill informed me he had sold 20 barrels corn today to Mr. Davis at $250 pr. barrel, to be delivered immediately. – – Had a letter mailed to Mary today respecting Albert.

  1. Jack White may have been a son of Ambrose and Margaret [Lipscomb] White who lived nearly. He is listed in the 1860 US Census as James, then 20. However there were other White families in the area.  (back)