Friday 3 March, 1865

Another rainy and cloudy day. It would be a treat to see the sun. I arose quite early this morning and wove a little before breakfast. After breakfast I cut out a vest for Ju and Horace took it up with him. Loaned Mag a vest of Bill’s to make it by. I then weighed the tallow and went in the kitchen and dipped 31 lbs. candles, after dying some green wool. Bill went up for the mail. Gave him 30$ to give Mr. Slaughter, the difference in exchange of turkeys. Also sent $25 to W. D. Pollard as paymt. for my subscription. Bake received a letter from Mary. No intelligence from Liv, Hardie or Zac, and I do feel so sad this evening. – – Phil Lewis has just rode up. I hope he has heard something from Zac.