Sunday, 19 March, 1865

The loveliest day we have had this year, so calm and beautiful. Bake and the children, with Parky and Martha, made some calls in the neighborhood. Heard many things, many of us can sympathize with each other. Mr. Henley, with a servant, came over to bring us something to eat. A nice piece of beef, a bushel of flour and a basket of potatoes. I appreciate his kindness very much. – – We had some meal brought in and loaned Mrs. Garrett ½ bushel. The children returned to dinner. Bartlett brought me an old ham he had found where the Yanks had laid aside, so had it boiled for dinner. – – There are many rumors about the Yankees, what they intend doing, &c. O! the horrors of such a life. – – The servants returned from the C.H. and brought with them several horses.