Monday, 20 March, 1865

A lovely, warm, calm and to all appearance, quiet day, but our troubled minds can find no peace. We all feel like hunted partridges. The boys came and got something to eat and leave for parts unknown immediately. Lieut. Baytop and Willie Catlett and George Booth came on their way to their fight, and Bill thought they were Yankees.1We have met Willie. But Lieut. James C. Baytop is a new visitor to Woodbury. He is a member of Company A, 5th Virginia Cavalry. About 40, he is from Gloucester, the home of Company A. The 1860 US Census records show him as a Deputy Sheriff. His marriage to “Joe” Lewis was mentioned on 22 December of last year. There also was a George Y. Booth from Gloucester attached to Company A of the 5th Virginia Cavalry who seems to have been captured at the end of the war. – – I can’t write any more, but imagine our painful situation. – – Borrowed the first shad we have had from Willie Edwards today. I enjoyed it very much. Planted sugar cane behind the smoke house.