Friday, 24 March, 1865

Another stormy day. Bill went to see Mr. Trymer to get him to fix his boat. Promised him to come tomorrow.1There are several Trimmer or Trimyer families nearby which seem to have the tools and skills for boat repair. We cannot tell from today’s or tomorrow’s entry just who Bill has gone to see. When Caroline renders this family name she spells it Trymer. For these two entries her spelling will stand. However next year she will reference a family as Trymer that we know is usually spelled Trimmer or Trimyer. Her spelling will be changed accordingly. – – I made pickles of some watermelon rind Zac and the children out last summer for sweetmeats. The Yanks got all I had in the house. Bake’s finishing off two pair pants for Bill and Liv, or Zac one. – – I spent most of the day in the garden having some dirt pulled up to the roots of the vegetables. The wind had left many of them on the surface. – – I doubled and had the yarn twisted for two pair of socks for Liv. Pigeo and Nan commenced a pair a piece. He speaks of leaving Tuesday. Dellah gets on very well weaving flannel.