Saturday, 25 March, 1865

Mr. Trymer┬ácame, calked the boat. Bill gave him $125 for a pair of oars and calking the boat, never heard of such a charge. The boys went out and caught 7 shad. – – Nan commenced her gardening operations. Let her have Bettie to assist her. – – The Yanks are still at the White House and raiding continues. Really, we are all the time in dread. I spend most of my time in the garden trying to dissipate from my mind what would occupy it too much if confined to the house. We do not sow or plant in much hope for I feel as if I sow for others to reap, but the sower only knows. I go to him for instruction and guidance continually, and pray that he may direct me in all my ways. – – Planted a square in early corn and early field peas today, also planted cymling seed.