Sunday, 26 March, 1865

Quite a pretty day. As no one could attend church, the children, i.e. Bake and Pigeo with Martha and Mary, spent the day at Ju’s, having heard this morning by Washington that the Yankees had left the White House. I permitted them to go over to see how things were and perhaps get something. – – Bill and Liv brought up two pieces more of bacon, making that three in all this week. Three pieces more are stolen, they find out upon examination. I think it is really shameful to think the way we exert ourselves in every way to try and save a sufficiency for the year, that it should go in this way. We accuse no one, but can’t help having our opinion in the matter. Just as our dinner was ready, Mr. Thornton came with the Yankees _?_ guard left at Mr. Robins and Mr. Johnson, to know if Bill knew what must be done with them.1The writing here is badly damaged. But in context I believe the missing word is “the.” Or possibly she squeezed in “..the home..” As the 1860 KW US Census shows only one household headed by a male Robins, this must be Mr. John A. Robins of Winchester. The Gilmer map shows a Johnson family living near the Robins Mill and Winchester near the Pamunkey River. He sent them to the Enrolling Officer. They presented their swords to Bill and Liv. – – I gave them dinners. They were very thankful and said that we had been treated shamefully. The children returned soon after they left. Col. McLaughlin and Camm were spending the evening. Ju and Stuart returned with them and spent the night. Ju slept on the lounge in the front chamber. We sat up till 2 o’clk. He gave us an interesting description of the Yanks spending a night at the W. H., &c.