Wednesday, 29 March, 1865

Quite a beautiful morning. Liv, after arranging his things and getting ready, started over to Richmond in the little wagon with Bartlett to drive. Sent Mary a bushel sweet potato seed to plant and a jar of molasses. Filled Liv’s canteen with some and put up some things for him, one ham and shoulder and various little necessaries. Poor child, it grieves me so to see him start away again. Gave him $500, also $200 to buy salt, &c. Sent 72 shad to dispose of after giving Mary some. O me, I feel so sad! From the papers, the Yankees seem to be gaining ground everywhere. – – Bake has undertaken quite a troublesome job today in the garden. Made a sweet little spot around her Pa’s grave. Gave her the little chaps to do what she wished done in removing dirt and bringing moss and gravel. – – There seems to be something inviting now, more so than ever in the quiet little enclosure. Though war and tumult are without, there is peace within that hallowed spot to me! – – Bill walked through to the C. H. and met Liv there and took his leave.