Sunday, 9 April, 1865

We got ready and made an early start to church. Were about the first to get there. Cousin Lem┬ápreached from 25 chap. Jeremiah and recommended the reading of the first chapters up to 25th. A good number were there. We returned with Mag and Hill to spend the evening with Rose. Mag went in the carriage with us. The dead horses frightened our horses right much. – – O how was my heart rejoice to see my dear child once more alive. Zac came with a broken down horse so unexpectedly. He looking very well. Thank God, may my heart ever swell with gratitude to him for his mercies. He left Lee’s scattered Army on Thursday to come home and recruit his horse, dear child, with his Bible in his pocket. May he ever retain it next to his heart for his continual guide, and I shall be content. The Lord be praised for his goodness. Heard from Hardie, but no particulars from Liv, but I trust in God they are preserved, to him be all the praise. He with us returned to supper. He stopped a while at the tavern to see some of his friends, and came on down to supper. Bill had just gotten home, attended meeting at Colosse. – – We sat around our little table and sung a few hymns.