Sunday, 16 April, 1865

Quite a pretty morning. I rode on horseback to the cow pen before breakfast to see a sorrowful cow. It was a mortifying sight and saddened me for the rest of the day. The little boys, Addison, Scott and Tom, went along with me and carried some corn thinking she would eat some, but she was too far gone. – – After breakfast we got ready and Pigeo and Nan, Zac and myself attended Zion. Bartlett drove the carriage there and Zac drove it back. We called by Ju’s a few moments and returned to dinner. Bake and Bill were waiting for us. – – Two soldiers by the name of Rosco (Rock) Brothers came this afternoon to spend the night. Old acquaintances of Bill’s on their way from our surrendered Army. – – Liv came an hour or two after they did. We were all so overjoyed to see him. Poor fellow came walking home, and I hope to remain as long as I live with us all together. I am expecting Hardie hourly and then we shall all be as happy as circumstances will permit. May we never be separated again.