Wednesday, 19 April, 1865

Quite a pretty day. Bill rode to the W. H. after dinner. Returned to supper. Liv took 10 bushels corn to Walkerton Mill with Washington to row the boat. The Mill was taken up so he left and will send up two barrels more and keep a standing turn. – – Martha is better this evening. Parky didn’t finish washing yesterday, but finished and started the clothes today and got dinner. Patsy cleaned the shad we had engaged to go to the market man. He came for them just as she was finishing. – – I have been plastering up some mouse holes and jobbing about various little things today. – – Had my hot bed frames brought in out of the garden by Dellah and put away. – – Liv accidentally broke a pane of the glass out of my chamber window, showing up to surprise Bake when he and Bill returned from a walk. Zac slept till dinner, floated last night. The Col. will be here tomorrow and I want to employ him to his school for the next session. I don’t know anything better I can do for him. – – Gave up my fowls to Pigeo for one fourth today, have only ½ doz. chickens. – – One family of our servants presume a great deal by the recent news. Wish I knew exactly what to do in the matter. We are certainly placed in a very unpleasant situation as regards them. – – Finished planting the corn as far as the land is broken up today. – – Liv and Zac went out this evening and caught 14 shad, sold ½ to those men, I think, this morning.