Thursday, 20 April, 1865

Fine growing weather. Ju came down this morning. Report says Washington is burned. The Vice President, Andy Johnson, is killed, Seward lingering from the effects of stabbing, &c, too much to be believed. – – Two gentlemen came this evening who confirm the report and say Baltimore is burned also.- – 200,000 French Troops are said to be landing at New Orleans or Mattamoras. – – Ju wished to get the oxcart to lay rails and to borrow a _?_ but I could do neither, as Bill was not at home and I do not like to interfere with his arrangements. – – Liv had ten bushels corn shelled and took it up to Walkerton Mill to leave for a standing time, and brought the ten bushels meal home carried up yesterday. Zac went with him. Bill has gone down the county to see some gentleman, Jimmie, about the Mill. Patsy spinning today. Beck weeding the sugar cane and Parky ironing. Bettie about walks in the garden and yard. – – Martha a little complaining still. Dellah with a pretty considerable degree of presumption and daring pretends to weave a little. – – I am at work on a pair of pants for Zac. – – Tremendous rain this evening. Came so hastily it filled the culvert. Parky ironed today.